Neocities [dot] org

We all started there. Newcomers are dipping their toes with static pages, veterans have mastered web development thanks to it. Neocities plays a huge part thanks to its accessibility and ease of use (just create an account and you’re up to the races).

Its limitations are beneficial

Neocities doesn’t support PHP, server-side scripting, node.js et al. You can only use local HTML, CSS and javascript (although I’m not sure if remote JS is allowed, that can be problematic). This little challenge encourages the web master to design its website in a simple fashion, without overcomplicating its website with server-side soyware.

But without PHP the web is static and boring!!11!

PHP is insecure by design. It’s a scripting language with the objective to make it easier to manipulate databases on a website, but with the rise of clever techniques called SQL injections that manipulate databases for unintended circumstances, and with tools like sqlmap that makes it easy for script kiddies to breach a website, it became clear that PHP has a dark future.

PHP is ass anyways, node.js is the future!!!

In my opinion, node is worse. Bringing a rushed week-long programming language with a pozzed community into the backend is both a privacy and maintnance nightmare. Dependencies need to get updated (some can be backdoored), it is slow, inefficient, and bringing a web programming language where it’s not supposed to belong will only create mayhem.

Ty3r0X is a web boomer who refutes any sort of nice things. This is a direct result of lurking on /g/!!!!

So be it. Looking each day at any sort of normal website, and what do I see? Bloat, bloat, and spyware. Ads everywhere, heavy javascript, acreepy cookies, etc. And web developers for whatever reason like to use these heavy frameworks, to make their site “ShInYyY”, but in reality make it look like dogshit.

Neocities addresses this issue

Okay, go to, search any site you like, and what do you see? Plain simple, very functional, non-spyware masterpieces. They work with any browser (you don’t need a pozzed blink engine that shits out binary js faster than a puerto rican kid can mow a lawn) and most importantly, has SOVL.

Okay boomer

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