Behold, webmasters

Ty3r0X has made a blog, but not any soyed manual labour shit (although I haven’t made any scripts to automate my shit rn, will fix it later ^_^), a nice looking beautiful blog with the most based css (ripped out of because I steal everyone’s stuff, problems?) and hey look, RSS :DDDDDDD.

Your blog looks like cancer

Deal with it

What are you gonna write

I will shitpost, and after that, I will shitpost. I hate good quality contan, conte - cough - continent on the interwebz, so here I am contributing with absolutely nothing (yaaay). I will rant about how I love lurking on lainchin using my uncle’s old windows 98 computer from his dusty garage and polluting qorg’s irc channel with severe low iq content (because I can).

Okay soyfag, what about

Hooo, easy there. That site will be handled with care, since I wanna make like a community and stuff. This blog (shitpost) is written by me, so I’ll host it here, on my personal site.

Thank you for the brain damage, won’t read your blog

You’re welcome!

I will come to your house and make you read my blog, and you’ll love it