The internet as we know is in great danger!

I realized this pretty early in my life, which is fortunate! All the things I enjoyed on the internet were tracked by the corpos and the Jews, so yeah, selling your soul at a very fragile age ain't cool. So here I am, creating my own piece on this chaotic digital mayhem.

Right, and what about you personally?

Recently computers started to get into me, and by that I mean a lot. My circle of IRL friends is pretty small, 90% of my preoccupations are related to tech, and I integrate really hard with society in general, especially with the pandemic, since I felt a state of disconnection with the others. I want to become self-sufficient, others want to become dependant on the tech oligharcs.

All right, you got redpilled, and your life seems pretty lame, right?

Well, don't perceive it like that ;). At the time of writing, I'm 17 so I still have a long way to go with life. I mainly lurk on imageboards, browse reddit (pretty cringe ngl) and discover many interesting sites, webrings, projects and other cool stuff on the internet. Turns out many people are upset about what the corpos done to it. That's pretty awesome ngl.