Okay, why the fuark do you use XHTML? Like seriously, why?

Why would I make my site with an old html standard untouched ~23 years ago? The web has moved forward, people now use javascript, and yet, why do you still want to refute evolution? There is no actual reason!

Actually, there is!


Modern day HTML tends to be written very poorly, with incorrect nested elements, attributes, etc, which modern day browsers fortunately fix. This tolerancy obviously creates lazy programming, aka soydevs. This makes a lot of page sources painfully unreadable and hard to maintain. This is because the trend goes towards dynamic websites, making elements such as Javascript and CSS far more important, negliging HTML.

Another problem is that today’s HTML standard, which reached version 5, is constantly changing, and its commitee (WHATWG) is mainly controlled by Google, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla, aka it’s pozzed.

Let’s refute modernism, back to tradition we go

In 1999, the WorldWide Web Consortium (W3C) released an HTML standard that is cross-compatible with XML documents that is both extensible and strict. Every page written in XHTML needs to be written correctly, otherwise the page will not render. This means the webmaster cannot lazy code its site to jump some hoops. It needs to have all of its elements defined properly. And that’s a good thing, because not all browsers are equal. Sure, today the only two engines are Blink (Chromium) and Gecko (Firefox, but recently it’s forking elements from Chromium and it’s funded by Google anyways), but there are also engines such as Goanna, Webkit, and more. Not all browsers tolerate poor HTML code the same, so making your webpage using a strict standard that hasn’t changed much ensures your webpage is rendered correctly accross every web browsers, no strings attached. This will also eliberate your site from being deprecated by the corpos and the jews.


I use XHTML because it’s based. Webdevs seethe. WHATWG dilate.